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Bubble Heroes!

Rockford Reef needs you! Become a Bubble Hero and save the Starfish from the clutches of Boris the evil octopus. Travel through the coral lands in search of all the Starfish that have been taken from Rockford Reef.


Save Rockford Reef

Starfish bring light to the small town of Rockford Reef; however Boris, the evil octopus, has other means for them and has stolen all the Starfish! Join the Bubble Heroes in their adventures. Collecting all the Starfish and return light back to Rockford Reef in this delightful new mobile game.

Become A Bubble Hero

Play through over 370 levels, across many underwater worlds, in loads of fun and challenging game modes including: Save the Starfish, Collect the Top, Save the Creatures and Avoid the Current. Travel through the coral lands and help the Bubble Heroes save the Starfish!